One day while participating in a Cavalry reenactment event, I began to wonder what would happen if 20 or so Cavalry Reenactors, fully equipped with traditional weaponry and equipment and on good horses, were to come up against modern Federal Forces, even modern military forces? Could it still be that the 10,000 year old tradition of men fighting from horseback might remain both an effective military force on the attack and an illusive force when pursued? So I set my mind to conjuring up a story where these questions could be tested in a modern-day setting. While riding one day soon thereafter, I fell from my horse while attempting to jump a very high four panel fence. I apparently landed hard and when I recovered consciousness the notion of a still functioning Confederate Government gripped my mind. Taking these two ideas, it felt like a fill in the blank exercise thereafter writing this book. Like an antebellum fruitcake (pun intended), I have embedded into the story a lifetime worth of collected tales, factoids, Civil War history and local knowledge to create this rich tale. I think you will have a great ride along with the boys, if you're game.They don't call me, "The most Interesting Man in theā€¦ South, for nothing! - Boyd Parker