Confederate Chronicles No. 1 Ghost Of A Chance


Did the Government of the Confederate States of America really come to an end 150 years ago…? Might it still exist, after all these years, repurposed and dedicated to the protection and aid of the Southern People, white and black… Every Government has a Military Arm… Here’s the first thrilling story from the New Series… THE CONFEDERATE CHRONICLES No. 1 —GHOST OF A CHANCE Once again, Mosby’s Rangers ride to the rescue! Well actually, reenactors portraying the renowned 43rd Battalion of the Virginia Cavalry. This action-packed novel takes you on a wild adventure from the foothills of Northern Virginia to the heart of Washington. These modern day Cavaliers summon the same kind of courage and heroic daring-do that made the original Rangers so famous. Ride along as they do battle with corrupt federal forces and pursue a true enemy bent on a horrific plan designed to bring disaster!